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About Us


Welcome to the Creemee Stand, where we make every effort to provide you with the most delicious ice cream experience imaginable.  Our VT Maple Soft Serve, a signature item of the Creemee Stand, is made from locally produced real, pure Vermont Maple Syrup.  You can actually see the trees it came from while you enjoy it!  In addition to Vanilla, Chocolate, and VT Maple, we often offer a fourth flavor of our superior soft serve, such as Blueberry Cheesecake, Coffee, Orange Dreamcicle, or Strawberry.  For those prefering good old fashioned hard scoop ice cream, we also provide a delicious variety of flavors produced by Vermont's oldest ice cream manufacturer, Wilcox. 


So why is this soft serve so much better than what I get at other ice cream stands?  Our soft serve ice cream is technically frozen custard, which is very similar with the additional inclusion of egg yolk into the mix, which provides for a more flavorful, richer, and creamier texture.


Established in 2002 Founded by our great friends, Cindy "Jess" & Jimmy Wiesner in 2002, the creemee stand quickly became known far and wide as the best creemee stand in Vermont.  Cindy served the greatest ice cream creations ever tasted, with a warm genuine smile, an unforgettable laugh & the best stories for 6 years.  At an early age, Cindy lost a very short battle with cancer in the Spring of 2008.  
8/1/2010 marked a new era for the Creemee Stand, and I finally heeded to Cindy's wish that I took over her enterprise, striving to provide the entire experience she intended to offer all her visitors.  

We strive to exceed the high quality products & smiles on all the faces we see at our service windows as we provide you the best product around. Owned and operated by Amy & Steven Adams of Wilmington, VT.