Best Soft Serve Ice Cream
The Best Ice Cream Around, Is Too Good to Put Down!

Many of our products are produced in Vermont.  Have you tried our exclusive Maple Soft Serve?  It's made with real VT Maple Syrup so close, you can see the trees it came from while you enjoy its rich, creamy flavor!

Reopening for the 2014 Season May 16, 2014, 7 Days a week, Noon til Nine (unless there's a line!)

The Creemee Stand is committed to delivering premier freshly made soft serve ice cream that is so wonderfully dense and creamy in texture; it cannot be matched.  Hard scoop ice cream is also available in a variety of delicious flavors, produced by the oldest manufacturer of ice cream in the State of Vermont, Wilcox Dairy.  A wonderful medley of frozen desserts, toppings, cone dips, low fat and sugar free alternatives offer something for everyone. 


Give the Creemee Stand a try, it's a taste your tongue will always remember.


Our Signature Vermont Maple, flavored only with Syrup produced in Wilmington, VT, has earned the status as one of the 4 places in the State of Vermont as serving the absolute best Maple Creemee by Edible Green Mountains Magazine.


716 Route 100

Wilmington, Vermont



To all you first Thank you everyone who came to enjoy our ice cream this season, first timers and frequent visitors alike.  It was our please to share with you our finest frozen products, and to see your smiling faces.  We hope you will be back in 2014.

Columbus Day Weekend Wilmington Vermont
It's no secret! Creemee Stand is the place to go get delicious soft serve ice cream in Wilmington